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Dental Crowns vs. CEREC Crowns

Dental crowns (or "caps") are an important restoration for treating damaged or decayed teeth. These treatments help to protect your teeth that have suffered serious issues, restoring their health and their normal functions.

While effective, the fact that crowns typically take two appointments can be problematic. At Crossroads Family Dental, we can provide beautiful ceramic crowns in just one appointment with CEREC digital technology. This is also called CAD/CAM technology.

The Issue with Two Appointments

The standard crown procedure requires two (or more) separate appointments. While it might not seem like all that big of a deal, there are some significant disadvantages to this. One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that you have to wear a temporary crown.

This temporary crown is meant to protect the tooth until your actual crown is completed by a dental lab. However, it may not always be effective. It can come loose or fall out. When this happens, the prepared tooth is at risk for damage, bacterial invasion, or tooth movement.

Another significant drawback is the fact that you need to schedule two different appointments. Your schedule is already busy enough. Having to schedule two appointments can interfere with your normal life.

CEREC Technology- No More Goopy Dental Impressions!

CEREC uses the latest, cutting edge dental technology. Instead of standard impressions with uncomfortable plastic trays, digital impressions are taken. This is done using a handheld wand that takes a digital image of your teeth and gums. The image then goes into the computer, creating a 3D model of your mouth.

Using this 3D model, we can create an incredibly accurate dental restoration. The greater accuracy with CEREC, as compared to traditional impressions and models, results in a reliable, precision fit to your tooth.

CEREC technology also involves the use of an in-house milling unit. This is the machine that creates your crown. The crown is cut out of a solid block of ceramic that we place into the machine after it receives the information from the crown we designed. Our milling unit is located in our reception area, so you can watch it mill your individualized crown while you wait!

How Getting a CEREC Crown Works

Getting your CEREC crown begins just like getting a regular crown. We first need to prepare the damaged tooth. This means we need to remove tooth enamel. Next, we capture the digital impression and create your crown. After the crown is created, it is made right in our office.

Once finished, we check its fit. If any adjustments are needed, they are made right then and there. There are no temporary restorations and no additional visits. This helps to avoid the complications associated with temporary crowns and prevents you from having to take more time out of your already busy schedule. Once your crown fits perfectly, it is cemented onto the tooth.

What Else Can CEREC Do?

CEREC is frequently used to make ceramic crowns. That is not all this technology can be used to do. It can also be used to create other restorations such as dental bridges, crowns for dental implants, inlays and onlays, and more! With CEREC, you can receive a perfectly natural-looking dental crown in only one appointment.

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