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Root Canal Procedure
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Schererville, IN man smiling about his successful root canal treatment by Crossroads Family Dental.Neglecting your daily oral hygiene routine at home or skipping out on your dental cleanings and exams can lead to serious oral health issues, including infections inside your teeth.

Infections are not only painful, but they are also extremely dangerous. Untreated infections in your teeth can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream and spreading throughout the rest of your body.

At Crossroads Family Dental, our dentist can remove the infection and restore the health of your mouth with a root canal procedure done in our dental office in Schererville, IN.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are designed to remove an infection from inside a tooth. However, how, exactly, does an infection get started?

Infections in your teeth are the result of bacteria getting into the inner layer. This can happen in a variety of ways—cavities, deep cracks or chips, or gum disease. Once the bacteria are in the tooth, it multiplies quickly. They hide out inside the hollow canals inside the tooth and attack the pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. The pulp becomes irritated and inflamed, which can lead to a significant amount of pain.

The only way to remove an infection inside the tooth is with a root canal. This procedure is designed to eliminate an infection without the need for extracting the affected tooth. After the infection and the pulp of the tooth are removed, the interior is cleaned and disinfected before finally being sealed with a dental crown.

What Are The Signs Of An Infection?

An infection inside of a tooth will often present a variety of different symptoms including toothaches, facial swelling, continuous pain, loss of bone mass in your jaw, or a dental abscess.

Signs that your tooth is infected:

•  A painful toothache.

•  Swelling of the face, usually near the affected tooth.

•  Pain or sensitivity that lingers after irritants is removed.

•  You may lose bone mass in your jaw.

•  A dental abscess. An abscess is one of the most clear-cut signs of an infection. Abscesses occur as a result of bacteria spilling out from the interior of the tooth into the jaw. It forms in an attempt to contain the infection. The longer it goes untreated, the larger it grows, and it can rupture.

How Is A Tooth Infection Diagnosed?

Before receiving treatment for an infection, you first need to be diagnosed. Diagnosing an infection involves an oral exam as well as dental x-rays. During your exam, we check your teeth for signs of damage and look for any signs (such as redness and swelling) that can indicate an issue. X-rays help us to see everything occurring under the gum line, including dental abscesses.

The Root Canal Procedure

Once we have diagnosed an infection, we then move forward with a root canal. We begin by administering a local anesthetic. If necessary, sedation may also be used to help you relax.

We drill a small hole into the top of the affected tooth. Using tiny, specialized tools, we remove the pulp of the tooth. We then shape the canals. The interior of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. We then use a special material to pack the interior of the tooth.

Finally, we prepare the tooth and place a dental crown. The crown provides strength while protecting the tooth from a new bacterial invasion. Infections in your teeth are dangerous, but they can be treated.

A root canal helps to eliminate the infection while preventing the need for a tooth extraction.

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