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Dental Implants
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An image of dental implants at Crossroads Family Dental.Dental implants have changed how we restore missing teeth. They allow us to do more than replace a missing tooth; we rebuild it. By recreating the base, we can provide the patient with a firm foundation for a new permanent structure. This system is healthier for your bone health and complete dental restoration. Working with our staff at Crossroads Family Dental, we can help you have a beautiful, permanent tooth restored where one had been lost.

Single Dental Implants

A missing tooth is a problem; it can affect how you look, your ability to chew and cause a cascade of dental problems. In years past, if a patient had a badly infected tooth, the tooth was simply pulled. Today, we do everything we can first to save a tooth, and if it can’t be saved, we advise the patient to restore the tooth with a dental implant. A dental implant is not a new tooth, but a new tooth root, the foundation that a tooth needs to rest in.

Patients may be aware of how a missing tooth looks or feels, but what they may miss is how it affects their dental health. When you lose a tooth, there is an immediate response in the jaw bone to atrophy; this is because bone requires a motion to stay healthy if an area of bone is no longer being used the bone will pull in the resources and no longer work to keep that spot robust.

This atrophy response can be seen when a patient has a cast removed on their arm or leg. When the bone shrinks in your jaw, the patient gains what we have come to acknowledge as an older appearance. Additionally, this open space leaves room for neighboring teeth to roam. As the nearby teeth shift, your bite changes, and this can be bad for your jaw joint causing a condition known as TMJ dysfunction.

Once you have agreed to treatment with a dental implant, we will carefully create a precise treatment map using a 3D X-ray. Often the bone will require a simple bone graft to bulk up the area before surgery. The placement of your dental implant is done in our office, with a local anesthetic and in less than an hour. We simply open the tissue, create the space in the bone, place the implant and suture the tissue closed around it. After the bone has had some time to heal, we are then able to place the dental prosthetic, which can be a dental crown, bridge or denture, over the implant, and the tooth is permanently restored.

Using Implants to Anchor a Bridge or Denture

With the implant in place, it has now become a strong anchor in your mouth. With this anchor, we can use it to attach a variety of dental restorative pieces. Depending on how many teeth you are missing, and what device we are attaching, you may require several anchors to be placed. We can then attach a dental crown, bridge, partial denture or even full denture to the anchors. This means that you no longer have to worry about your bone health or a device coming loose in your mouth. Once everything is healed, you can resume your regular diet and feel confident in having new permanent teeth.

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