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CEREC Same Day Restorations
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A Cerec same-day-crown machine at Crossroads Family Dental.A Cerec machine in the office of Crossroads Family Dental.
Crossroads Family Dental is a family owned business which offers single visit dental restorations as one of our prime specialties. We do this through the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC, a decades-old technology that has changed the way restorations are performed today.

With digital scanning and computer software, plus a milling machine, we can accurately restore the entire outside of your tooth in no time at all. Our CEREC unit is capable of milling several different types of materials. Please feel free to ask your dentist about the best choice for your particular dental crown, implant, filling, or veneer!

Brief Background on the CEREC System

CEREC was first pioneered by Dr. Werner Mörmann in the 1980's. It has advanced a long way since that time in both accuracy and speed of the manufacturing process, allowing dentists to invest in this technology for their office for improving their patient's dental health in an esthetic, convenient way. CEREC is currently manufactured and distributed by Dentsply/Sirona, a company with a long history serving the dental community since 1877 when it was first founded in Erlangen, Germany.

Not many people outside of dentistry heard about the CAD/CAM or the computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing process before the introduction of CEREC. The innovation revolutionized the whole discipline by reducing human error and decreasing the overall time of the procedure. Before this type of technology, the process of manufacturing veneers, crowns, bridges, and dental implants was left to lab technicians.

Lab technicians are specialists who fabricated the restorations from the traditional dental impressions taken at our office. This fabrication took a much longer time, and it required you, the patient, to leave the office with a temporary crown until the restoration was complete. Then, you would have to come back to have the restoration cemented in place.

Using 3D imaging, computer software, artificial intelligence, and robotics, we can now do the job more accurately and with less time, right in the comfort of our office. That way, you can come in, have the procedure done, and go home with the final restoration in place instead of waiting weeks for the permanent solution. You only have to make the time for one dental visit instead of two!

Traditional Restorations are Slower without CEREC

Other dental practices that do not utilize CEREC technology require the patient to schedule at least two visits. The first visit is when your tooth is being prepared for the crown or other restoration. The dentist will then take an impression of your tooth, and a temporary crown or tooth filling will be placed to cover the tooth.

The dentist will tell you when to come back days to weeks later, when the permanent crown would have been finished for adjustments and cementation. This 2 visit scenario is not ideal for people with busy schedules or who have any sort of dental anxiety.

Faster Single Visit Restorations with CEREC!

We accomplish all of the above steps in the convenience of our office without impressions, without temporary crowns, and without the weeks of waiting! All in one visit! You can get a same day dental crown or other restoration without the need to schedule multiple appointments.

The Science Behind CEREC

We live in a technologically-driven society. Scientific advancement has been used to make our lives not only easier, but also better. In the dental world, technology allows us to take a digital impression using only reflected light from a 3D scanning wand (and not a goopy impression tray).

This scan is converted into a digital image and fed into the computer software. Our expert team designs your restoration, which is then sent electronically to our milling machine for fabrication. As you can see, we are taking most of the human fallibility out of the equation. From the time we transfer the digital image to the time the machine will produce the final output will only take around 35 minutes. We will then chemically bond the new crown to your tooth.

If you did your research, you might come across some reservations regarding the use of CEREC, specifically the misconception that it can never match the types of crowns or inlays and onlays produced by traditional labs. Admittedly, there are some very talented lab technicians who are true artists in fabricating beautiful teeth. However, with our in-office staining and glazing process, we can also create beautiful restorations that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth with an incredibly precise fit.

We have plenty of experience in restoration of decayed pearly whites in conspicuous areas. For example, any discoloration of the crown on your front teeth is bound to stand out. We must fine tune your porcelain using different shades to get the color just right and give you that perfect smile. Our experts can also restore and replace the defective amalgam fillings while giving you better alternatives in the process. Fillings are supposed to be replaced every 10 to 15 years because their quality continues to deteriorate every year.

Things to Consider When Looking at CEREC

Many people believe there will be quite the cost difference between a traditional crown and a CEREC crown. Rest assured, since the purchase of our CEREC equipment, we have made no significant adjustments to the cost of our crowns. However, your final cost depends on many different factors, including the condition of the tooth you need to replace, and any dental benefit plan that you may have. Most dental benefit plans will cover around 50% of the cost of a crown.

Even our current patients had a hard time believing that it will not cost them that much under the CEREC system. We invested in the CEREC machine because we saw its many benefits from the start. It provides a better fit for your dental restorations, saves you appointment time, and the level of detail it shows us also makes us better dentists! Let us help get your dental crown taken care of as quickly as possible by opting to get a CEREC dental crown.

Why Choose us for CEREC Restorations?

We are a family owned small business. Our goal is to make every patient we see understand just how important they are. We strive to improve every patients' oral health to the level that they choose. We offer excellence in the quality of care and expert services we provide in our relaxing and compassionate environment. We also hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We do not like to be treated like a number when we step out of the office, so why would we make you feel like one when you step into ours?

Everyone has a dream in their mind when they are young, about what they want to be when they grow up. For all of us, we wanted to be dentists to help people look and feel better, improve their oral health, and have healthy smiles for a lifetime. We understand the impact that poor oral health can have on your personal or your professional life. That is why it is so important to have us address any dental issues as soon as possible. We want to make sure you have the chance to have that perfect smile. Make the world you live in and the world of those around you brighter, by showing off your gorgeous smile!

We treat each patient that comes into our office like an extension of our family. Most of our clients are families that have been coming to see us for so long that we have seen their children have children. We value all the relationships and trust we have developed with them over the years. Their suggestions and input are important to us because it is the only way for us to improve further. We strive to make our practice as patient-friendly as we can.

We do know that the first visit to a dental office can be something where you are not sure what to expect. In that case, call us ahead of time and let us explain to you how we do things here. Our relationship with you is very important to us, and we will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door.

Are you interested in the CEREC single sitting procedure for your next dental crown or restoration? Call Crossroads Family Dental at (219) 865-4095 today and talk to any of our well informed and experienced staff. We will help schedule an appointment for a consultation, and answer all of your questions.
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