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FAQs On Deep Cleanings

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Crossroads Family Dental
FAQs On Deep CleaningsThe dental staff will advise you to have dental cleanings if you have skipped a few appointments or have not been brushing your teeth properly. For gum and periodontal gum disease prevention and therapy, deep cleaning is crucial. To ensure you have the best oral health possible, our dental team will work to raise awareness about the necessity of deep cleanings.

When is Deep Cleanings Necessary?

Once periodontal gum disease has impacted the teeth, you will require extensive cleanings. This is due to the disease entirely destroying the surrounding bone and gum tissue, which causes pockets to develop around the teeth. The spaces created by the pockets allow germs to flourish, which accelerates bone and tissue loss. This may result in tooth extraction, and the area needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

What Usually Happens During Deep cleanings

By eliminating plaque and tartar that has accumulated between the teeth and into the gums, the dental hygienist will scale the teeth and gums. Scaling begins below the gum line and extends to the bottom of the pocket. Once the tooth roots have been smoothed, the dental hygienist will perform a planning procedure to help the gums reconnect to the teeth.

If you need extensive cleanings, our dental team will advise you when to get them. We will also address any significant queries you may have regarding deep cleanings and how to always practice good dental hygiene. After deep cleanings, make sure to continue brushing and flossing as directed.
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