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Learn How Teeth Grinding Will Affect Your Overall Well Being

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Crossroads Family Dental
Learn How Teeth Grinding Will Affect Your Overall Well BeingTeeth grinding or bruxism is mainly associated with stress and anxiety, and the condition comes with serious consequences. The problem is that patients who suffer from it do not even know when they are grinding their teeth.

The teeth grinding or clenching can happen when they are asleep or awake, and the most common signs associated with the condition are grinding sounds and teeth fracture. The good news is that bruxism-related issues can be resolved if you stop grinding your teeth. If you feel you have this condition, our experts can help determine if your dental misalignment is caused by teeth grinding.

What Are the Effects of Teeth Grinding

Teeth fracture is not the only side effect of bruxism. You may also experience other signs if you do not seek help or stop grinding your teeth. First of all, grinding can cause enamel erosion, which might lead to sensitivity and tooth height loss. Apart from that, your teeth may crack or even loosen.

Another common effect of bruxism is gum recessions. This is when your teeth have loosened and created pockets that hold bacteria. When harmful bacteria get into your gums, you will be prone to gum infections and tissue damage. Excessive teeth grinding also causes pain. This is because you are applying a lot of pressure on your jaws, which may lead to earaches, headaches, and mouth pain.

What Are the Treatment Options Available

Exercising your jaw and getting a mouthguard can significantly help to ease the pain caused by teeth grinding. We also invite you here at our clinic to have your jawbone and mouth examined to get the best treatment option for your bruxism. Our doctors will follow your treatment and help you get orthodontic treatment if your teeth are misaligned in any way.
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