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Treatments for Advanced Periodontitis

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Crossroads Family Dental
Treatments for Advanced PeriodontitisAccording to a CDC study, periodontitis is one of the most common diseases in America. The numbers show that more than half of the adults over 30 years old suffer from this disease on various levels. If left untreated, the result is usually tooth loss and a substantial amount of pain and discomfort. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Several technologies have made it possible to treat advanced periodontitis, thereby making it one of the most treatable diseases of the mouth there is. Here are a few excellent solutions.

Non Surgical Options

When it comes to dealing with advanced periodontitis, non-surgical methods often come first. The first option here is an approach commonly known as scaling and root planing (SRP). Here, we'll scrap and remove tartar and plaque from your teeth's root surfaces using special tools designed explicitly for this during this treatment. After that, we will handle any roughness on the roots, removing any surface where the bacteria looks to attach itself again. Scaling and root planning is often a complex procedure, and as such, you may need to come to see us several times before we give you the green light.

Gum Grafts

When periodontitis has advanced significantly, we often find that tooth roots become exposed due to the gums' recession. In such a case, gum grafts are the best solution. Here, we take a piece of your gum tissue and use it to cover the exposed roots. Once this is done, you can expect sensitivity to reduce and your teeth to start healing. When the roots are taken care of, issues such as bone loss and further gum recession will cease.

Laser Therapy

Although still in its infancy, laser therapy is slowly transforming how dental surgery procedures are being done. Unlike traditional scalpels, lasers have certain advantages that make them quite attractive. With this technology, we can pinpoint the exact area where tartar is and eliminate it without intrusive procedures. This drastically helps in recovery time and doesn't require numbing agents.

If you want additional information about these procedures, among others, feel free to speak with us, and we'll be more than happy to accommodate you.
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