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Can You Ever Ignore a Dental Crack?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Crossroads Family Dental
Can You Ever Ignore a Dental Crack?Not everyone with a cracked tooth experiences pain. But just because your cracked tooth is not currently causing you any discomfort does not mean that it will not lead to issues in the future. You should always see us for a dental crack so we can prevent more serious consequences to your oral and overall health.

Cracked Tooth Complications

When your tooth cracks, the inner soft tissue, or pulp, becomes exposed. The pulp contains your tooth's highly sensitive nerve endings, which is why a dental crack can cause extreme pain and heightened sensitivity to temperature changes when eating and drinking. Even what starts out as a small dental crack can grow and extend down into the root of your tooth if left untreated. Additionally, small pieces of your damaged tooth can chip off and irritate your tooth pulp as well as your gum tissue.

The biggest complication that comes with not treating a cracked tooth is the risk of infection. Bacteria can enter the crack, spread to the tooth root, and cause an abscess, or pocket of pus, to develop. If you do not seek treatment, an oral infection can lead to gum disease and other serious problems as it enters the bloodstream and spreads to other parts of your body.

Treating a Cracked Tooth

A very minor dental crack may not require any treatment, but we would still want to see you to rule out any serious issues. For cracks that do require treatment, the appropriate option depends on the severity of the crack. Treatment options include dental bonding, placing veneers or crowns, root canal procedures, and in rare cases, tooth extraction and prosthetic restoration.

No matter how small or painless it may be, you should never ignore a dental crack. Contact our office as soon as possible to discuss treatment options for your cracked tooth.
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