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Why Do Your Molars Feel Flat?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Crossroads Family Dental
Why Do Your Molars Feel Flat?If your molars feel like they are flat, you are probably experiencing other symptoms as well. This is because the most likely cause of worn down teeth is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth at night and this is often brought on by stress and anxiety. Other symptoms you may experience include jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, headaches, tiredness, earaches, and other tooth damages. There are several treatment options available for bruxism. Our dentist can explain these in more detail, but your treatment plan will likely include stress management, medication, and a night guard or similar mouthpiece.


Bruxism is most common among children and adolescents, though it does occur in a small portion of the adult population as well. This condition is caused by stress and anxiety, genetics, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and other sleep related conditions. Bruxism causes the patient to grind their teeth throughout the night. This leads to damaged teeth and even teeth feeling flat. This could explain why your molars feel flat.


There are many treatment options available for bruxism and our dentist will give you more details on each of these. The first treatment our dentist typically recommends is stress reduction, which may mean something different for each of our patients. As for medical intervention, our dentist may prescribe sleep aids or pain medications to help alleviate your symptoms. We can also get you fitted for a night guard or other type of mouthpiece. These not only help to relive pain and tension in your jaw, but they can also stop you from grinding your teeth altogether. These work by creating a barrier between your top and bottoms rows of teeth, meaning they physically cannot grind together. In turn, though you may still have a grinding motion while you sleep, your teeth are protected by the mouthpiece.

Contact us for more information on bruxism and its treatment options. The sooner you come in, the more likely we are to save your teeth!

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