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What Stress Does to Your Teeth Directly

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Crossroads Family Dental
What Stress Does to Your Teeth DirectlySometimes you can improve your dental health, simply through learning how to relax. Dental problems, such a bruxism or poor lifestyle habits, often result from stress. When you address the underlying cause of poor habits, you can respond more positively to stressful situations and ultimately improve your smile.

What Types of Stress Affect the Teeth?

Chronic stress may affect your dental health. For example, researchers believe that emotional stress impacts people who suffer from bruxism (grinding and clenching of the teeth) or ongoing jaw and facial pain. Stress may also increase the incidence of infection, such as periodontitis. In addition, certain conditions often worsen when people feel emotionally anxious or upset. These conditions may include Apthous ulcers (canker sores), burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth, and TMD or TMJ.

How Can Dental Hygiene be Affected by Stress?

During times of severe stress, some people may ignore their personal hygiene, and drink more or smoke to excess. Either of these activities can lead to problems with the gums and teeth. Therefore, you cannot take any form of stress lightly. If you are not managing your stress well, you need to seek counseling or learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It also helps to find out more about behavior modification and practices, such as meditation. For instance, drinking caffeine can worsen anxiety and therefore can lead to added stress on the joints of the jaw. When this happens, people may experience more problems with gingivitis and dental decay. When you reduce the caffeine intake, the joint pain subsides as well.

Therefore, if you want to improve your dental health, you have to learn more about reducing the stress in your life. By making this commitment, you will feel better about how you handle anxiety and will look at things from a new and more positive perspective. Give us a call if you suffer from stress-related dental pain. Let us help you make improvements that will allow you to realize a healthier life and a better program of oral care.


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