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The Battle of the Brushes

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
The Battle of the BrushesBrushing teeth is one of the earliest forms of dental hygiene we have been taught from childhood. It ensures that we have a clean mouth, with fresh breath and ensures that no food particles have been left on the teeth.

However, toothbrush technology has really evolved. From the time people used to used boar hair to the present where technology has advanced quite a bit to bring about sonic toothbrushes, it stands that a consumer would want to know which toothbrush is the best and which one they should be using more frequently. As such, let's take a look at the various types currently available.

The Standard Manual Toothbrush

The standard manual toothbrush has been around since the 1930s. However, scientists are making improvements in design, materials and quality every year. This sort of toothbrush has been around for such a long time because not only is it sturdy, it's also quite reliable. With the advancements that have been made, there are standard manual toothbrushes that are specially designed to reach even the toughest spots in the mouth.

The Electric Toothbrush

Due to better technology, the electric toothbrush has also been with us for quite a while now. It's often powered by battery cells and provides a through brushing experience for your teeth. The electric toothbrush' bristles have been specifically designed to reach those difficult to reach spaces and are also quite efficient in removing plaque. In fact, they are several times more efficient at this than the manual ones. With the electric toothbrush, you also don't have to worry about brushing too hard and causing injury to your gums.

Sonic Toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush is one of the new types of toothbrush technology has enabled people to build. Unlike normal electric toothbrushes that vibrate at about 2,500 – 8,000 strokes per minute, the sonic toothbrush surpasses that by a long mark. You can typically expect 24,000 – 40,000 strokes per minute with sonic toothbrushes. This powerful cleaning action ensures that the teeth are properly cleaned, and that plaque doesn't stand a chance!

Each of these toothbrushes has its merits. However, it's important to note that they are all just toothbrushes. Without your decisive action to use them at least twice a day, you won't be able to escape from the effects of poor dental hygiene. Ensure that you keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth regularly and flossing whenever you can.
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