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Foods That Can Freshen Your Breath In a Flash

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Foods That Can Freshen Your Breath In a FlashThere are many foods that can leave you with bad breath. Many people avoid onions, garlic, tuna fish, and other similar foods because of the way they make their breath smell.

The problem is that food is not the only thing that can cause bad breath. That is why it is worth learning some foods that can do the opposite of foods that cause bad breath. Turn to these foods to help freshen your breath quickly.'

The Obvious Choices
When people want to freshen their breath, they often turn to the things they think will work the best. Gum and breath mints are a staple in many purses and pockets whenever people go out. They turn to these if they think that their breath is possibly a little bad. The problem is that the look of chewing gum is often as bad as the thought of bad breath and breath mints don't always work the way people want. That is why it is worth adding some other foods to the meal plan that can help freshen the breath.

Chew on These

The good news is that many of these foods are easy to incorporate. Parsley and fresh mint often serve as a garnish on many dishes, but chewing on these green leaves can also help freshen your breath. Lemons are another food to turn to. You can chew on a wedge or a lemon rind or consider drinking a glass of water with lemon in it. The vitamin C in the lemon can help with the bad breath.

Yogurt is a food people like that also helps fight bad breath. The key is finding plain, unsweetened yogurt. Another good idea is to turn to some delicious fruits to help with breath. Apples help increase saliva production to rinse out the mouth. Berries contain antioxidants that help in the fight.

There are many foods to turn to that can make your bad breath go away. The key is making sure you use them. The good news is that incorporating these foods into your daily routine is not difficult. That means you can keep your breath smelling fresh all day long.

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