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Speaking with Us at Each Appointment Helps You Get the Best Care Possible

Posted on 3/25/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Speaking with Us at Each Appointment Helps You Get the Best Care PossibleWe know that some people have a real issue with dentists. We're not sure why, because we are wonderful people. However, we know that some people are afraid to come to the dentist. Trust us, we want to make your dental visit as easy as possible for you.

We want you to be comfortable enough at the dentist that you can talk to us about the health of your teeth and gums, because when you talk to us about your teeth and gums, we can help you get the best care possible.

Why Communication Is Important
While we can see some issues within your mouth through our dental examination, we can't always see everything that is going on with your teeth and gums. We also don't know how long you may have had a particular issue either, which may be important for a diagnosis and for treatment.

For example, we may see that your gums are bleeding, but we may not be able to know how long they have been bleeding unless you tell us. Knowing how long they have been bleeding will help us treat you better. It could be that your gums are bleeding due to medication issues, or due to another health concern. However, if you let us know what is going on, we can figure out the best way to treat you.

Your dental health actually has an effect on your overall health. Gum disease can worsen the risk for infections in your mouth, and can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and a worsening of symptoms of diabetes and dementia.

If you want to make an appointment to come in and talk to us about your dental health, please do. We promise we will not bite you if you do not bite us. All kidding aside, we understand your fears about the dentist, and we will work to minimize those fears as much as possible. Why not give us a call today?

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