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Wisdom Teeth Only Hurt When There is Something in the Way

Posted on 2/25/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Wisdom Teeth Only Hurt When There is Something in the WayAs we grow into adulthood, there are many things that make us afraid. What will we do as adults, and what will our life be like are common things to think about. There are also some little things that cause us to worry. Wisdom teeth are something that many people have a fear of.

Wisdom teeth are often associated with pain. People imagine that when their wisdom teeth begin to grow, they will cause pain in the mouth. They worry that they will have to have the teeth removed. That is another painful experience that people worry about. People also can wonder if they will have to go through all the pain that wisdom teeth can cause.

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Pain

There are a few different reasons that wisdom teeth cause pain. Most of the reasons are similar. The pain from wisdom teeth comes from the fact that they are trying to grow. When a baby's first tooth emerges, they feel pain because it is trying to break through the skin. A wisdom tooth can cause pain for that same reason. It is trying to emerge. If it struggles to emerge, it will hurt. The best thing to do when you feel the pain where wisdom teeth try to grow in is to come visit our office to find out how severe the problem is and to come up with a plan to deal with it.

What Wisdom Tooth Pain Can Mean

The reasons for the pain from wisdom teeth are all slightly different. If the tooth cannot emerge through the skin, it becomes impacted and that can cause a lot of pain. Pain is also the result when the tooth starts to emerge, but does not have the room to fully emerge. Both types of pain are the result of something being in the way of the wisdom tooth growing into fully.

Solutions to the pain can include extracting the wisdom teeth, managing the pain while the teeth find the room or creating room for the teeth to grow in. The only way to find the best solution to the pain is to visit our offices so we can examine what is happening.

If you have tooth pain from your wisdom teeth, contact our office right away to schedule an appointment.

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