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Why Your Teeth Love Tea So Much

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Why Your Teeth Love Tea So MuchDrinking tea has gotten a bad rap, at least when it comes to dental care. All over the place, you can see expressions such as drinking tea can stain your teeth, or teeth-staining tea.

We think tea has gotten a bad rap as far as drinks go, because there are actually elements in tea that can help keep your teeth healthy.

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

Scientists have researched that the compounds found in black tea may actually work with the teeth, by attacking harmful bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria in your mouth is what causes cavities and gum disease. While researchers have previously noted the benefits of drinking green tea, this most recent study involves black tea, which is what is consumed most often in the West.

In fact, black tea may be a wonder drink. Compounds found in black tea can work to attack harmful bacteria. These compounds may even suppress the growth and acid production of bacteria in the plaque found in your mouth.

Best of all, black tea also affects an enzyme called glucosyltransferase, which converts sugar into a sticky substance that holds bacteria to your teeth. Black tea drinking means that those sugars somehow lose their ability to form sticky webs on your teeth- how magical is that? One experiment demonstrated that when subjects drank black tea for 30 seconds over a three-minute interval, plaque bacteria stopped growing and producing acids that break down the enamel on the teeth.

While all of this research on black tea sounds great as far as your teeth are concerned, it doesn't replace the need for you to brush and floss regularly. But, given the research, it is nice to know that black tea can actually help your teeth rather than hurt them. If you have questions about your diet, and the foods or drinks that might be best for your teeth, why not give us a call? We would love to talk about your teeth with you during an appointment.

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