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Why Could Biting Hurt?

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Crossroads Family Dental
Why Could Biting Hurt?Mouth pain of any kind is uncomfortable and not wanted. When you bite down and there is pain or sensitivity then it is important to find out the cause of this. There are many nerves in the gums and root area of the teeth, which can cause this pain to happen.

It is important that the pain is assessed by our professionals to make sure no serious issues are happening in the mouth. These may need to be addressed first.

Reasons Why Biting Down Could Hurt

There are many reasons why biting down could hurt and speaking with our dentists is the only way to find out what is causing your mouth pain. Some of these reasons might be the cause of the pain, but every situation is different and needs to be assessed by our professionals before a treatment is given.

Structural damage to the integrity of the tooth can cause this to happen. When there is a cavity that has gotten too far down into the tooth, it can cause the tooth to have pain in the root area. Every time pressure is put on this tooth, it then sends a sharp pain to the rest of the mouth.

Infection from having bacteria in an open part of the tooth can cause this pain. Having the tooth thoroughly cleaned out, filled and protected is the only way to remove the pain. A treatment of antibiotics may be necessary in order to remove the bacteria completely.

Give our office a call to find out how we can treat the tooth pain that you're having. No one should have to continue to deal with the pain while biting down. Our professionals are always happy to provide help when it is needed so you can have a pain-free smile once again.
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