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Facts You Need to Know About Untreated Cavities

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Crossroads Family Dental
Facts You Need to Know About Untreated CavitiesNo one likes having their teeth filled, but unfortunately, it is a necessary step if you have a cavity. You cannot simply avoid the problem forever, and you may actually cause even greater issues with time. If you have a cavity, learning some important facts may help you finally accept that you need to get it treated.

Your Pain Level with Increase

Many people believe that the fact that their cavity doesn't hurt means they don't need to treat it. That simply isn't true. While a small cavity may not produce any major discomfort, with time, it will become more painful. This is especially true when you chew on food, as you'll experience sharp and recurrent pains.

Your Healthy May Be in Jeopardy

Research has found connections between oral health and overall health. If you have an infected tooth, that infection could enter your bloodstream. The effects could be harmful – even devastating – on the rest of your bodily systems.

Failure to Treat Your Cavity May Lead to a Root Canal

The longer you put off treating your cavity, the more extensive the repair will be. An untreated cavity may cause nerve root infection, and the only way to fix that is with a root canal.

Extraction is a Possibility

If the damage is too extensive that a root canal can't fix it, extraction may be the only option. Removing a tooth is always done as a last resort. When the tooth is removed, your jawbone may start to resorb, and the remaining teeth could shift in your mouth. In the event of an extraction, a restoration like a bridge or dental implant is always recommended.

If you suspect a cavity or know you need a filling, give our office a call. We want you to avoid the problems associated with untreated cavities. Let us help you.
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