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Dry Mouth is a Problem for Denture Wearers Too

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Posted on 12/30/2017 by Crossroads Family Dental
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Dentures are a man-made substitute for the teeth that you have lost. Generally, they are categorized as either complete dentures, meaning they replace all of the teeth in one area, or partial, meaning they replace only a few teeth, with some natural ones still remaining. Dentures can be removed to be cleaned up.

However, people who have dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, will have some problems with having dentures. You can say that you have dry mouth if you have trouble chewing and swallowing food and there is this annoying feeling of dryness in your mouth. Also, you can feel a little metallic taste and some cracked lips during the day. Just because you have dentures does not mean you no longer need saliva, of which a dry mouth does not have enough of.

What Causes Dry Mouth And What Can I Do If I Have It?

Dry mouth has quite a lot of unwanted effects, both to your physical health and social life. A dry mouth leads to a lesser masticated, or salivated, food, which can increase the bacterial population in food. Less saliva also allows a population of bacteria to live and thrive, secreting acids and a smell that, if untreated, will lead to bad breath. In general, a dry mouth means a bad environment in your mouth, with or without dentures.

A dry mouth actually makes the lives of those who dentures harder. Food is not easily chewed due to lack of saliva, lowering the lifespan of the dentures. Plus, saliva is actually important in the first few weeks of wearing dentures, since the saliva works as an adhesive substance to your dentures, allowing them to fit better in your mouth.

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